Who You Work with Matters

Who you work with matters. That is one thing I have become more and more assured of as time goes on. The insurance industry, particularly , has overly commoditized our products and services. Turn on the TV or pass a few ads on social media—price, price, price is all you will see. And—to be honest-I get it. At the end of the day I have found that everything does have a price that people are or are not willing to pay. When you talk to me or one of my agents will we discuss price—of  course. However, our intake process has been built to customize plans for each situation.

Our agency has built a potential client intake process. It includes a top-down evaluation of your current insurance situation, inventory of risk areas, and needs assessment for optimal protection. We are well positioned with excellent carriers that fit each person and situation specifically. It is not one size fits all or cookie cutter.

The State of Georgia mandates you have car insurance, your mortgage company or landlord makes you have coverage for your home—this is all true. But what happens if the worst does happen? Do you have holes in your business insurance, is your life insurance adequate? These are the questions that really need to be answered when evaluating your insurances.

My team would love the chance to make sure you are properly protected. Give us a chance…You won’t be sorry. 770-251-7570, www.insurewestga.com.