Expressions of Love

Recently I have been reminded of how quickly life can change and how much devastation can come with it. In three separate instances families that I know have had loved ones seemingly ripped from them in the blink of an eye. Each time I had the same reaction. Who? How? They were only…

In the last 17 years I have had various types of life claims. Young, old, accident, sickness, expected, unexpected and the list goes on…but it never takes away the abruptness or absoluteness of death. Each time, it takes me back for a minute and reminds me of exactly what it is that I do. It is in those darkest moments that your life insurance policy lurches to life. You see, for the exchange of a monthly payment I promise to pay your family money, that while it will not bring you back it will make sure that your expression of love is shown the brightest and at the exact perfect time. I’ll help your widow pay the mortgage every month, the kid’ baseball and cheerleading fees and groceries will be put on the table for many years. Your husband won’t have to rush back to work; instead, he can help the kids adjust to their “new normal.”

While it is true that there are different types and variations of life insurance on the market. The one thing I have always told people is at the end of the day there is not a wrong answer. The situation is always the boss. So, do something, get something. Every time I have shown up to the house with a claim check I have never had a beneficiary ask me what kind of insurance the policy was. Our office has some really neat tools that will lead us to make a recommendation based on your budget, needs, dreams, and goals.

If you would like a no pressure analysis of your current life insurance policies we would love the chance to do a quick check-up for you.